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T-Mobile is back with another data breach.Just a few months after 37 million customers had their data compromised in a major breach, T-Mobile has suffered yet another one, though this breach is substantially smaller, per BleepingComputer. In a letter to customers, T-Mobile revealed that a total of 836 customers were affected by a breach that took place between February and March of this year. While that small number of people may sound reassuring, the data that was compromised could still do some major damage. Everything from name and contact information to social security numbers and date of birth could be included in the breach. Sure, it’s great that fewer than 1,000 people were affected, but that will be cold comfort to anyone who now has to guard themselves against identity theft.In fairness to T-Mobile, the self-styled “un-carrier” is helping with that. Anyone who was affected by this breach gets two free years of identity theft protection and credit monitoring via Transunion myTrueIdentity.


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