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But don’t worry. TechCrunch+ has your back. Building off of TechCrunch’s regular drumbeat of AI coverage, we’re going deeper into the weeds on how startups can take advantage of the new technologies. Here’s a smattering of what we’ve published lately: Investor demand: Startup investors are boosting their investment into generative AI-focused startups, which won’t shock you. The numbers are curving up, and we’ll have more as the trends develop. In the public markets, investors are already demanding results — and any misstep from a major tech company has been met with a swift kick in the market cap. How to build: Need help picking a model? Want to better lever AI models in your product? Want to take AI to the enterprise? We have notes for you. Why is all this happening? Because when a new technology hits the market that will reach mass adoption and mass use, it shakes up everything. And no investor wants to miss the Next Big Thing. That’s why TechCrunch+ has sat back and ruminated on the generative AI technology arms race, trying to work it into our historical models of rapid change from years past. Whenever there’s a new tech that appears set to change the world, there’s risk of a bubble. The generative AI rush is no different. Time will tell precisely how much hype in the space will boil away, and how much will become the foundation of the future. We’re watching. Come watch with us.    

What’s new in the world of generative AI? by Alex Wilhelm originally published on TechCrunch


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