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TL;DR: Diversify your gaming setup with the Super Console X King Retro Console — on sale for just $328.99 instead of $599. It’s packed with over 100,000 pre-loaded retro games. How do you take a trip down memory lane? Some people love to browse photos from their childhood, while some prefer listening to tracks that take them back to when time stood still. But if you want your dose of nostalgia to be more dynamic and exciting, then you may want to revisit your favorite games.If you were one of those kids who spent hours upon hours inside an arcade or in front of the TV with a Sega in tow, you don’t have to browse eBay and purchase an overpriced retro console that may or may not work. The Super Console X King offers the blast from the past you’re hankering for, and for a limited time, you can get it for 45% off.Make no mistake: while this device looks sleek and modern, it packs games that will take you back to your younger years. The Super Console X King functions as both a TV box and a retro console, with over 100,000 pre-loaded games and more than 65 emulators for you to indulge in. It runs on a new Android 9 system, allowing you to plug it into a bigger screen and enjoy games in picture-perfect quality.


Unlike older games that deliver shoddy quality, this console boasts a 4K ultra-HD display, so you can fully immerse yourself in the game. It comes with a smart controller with a flat, comfortable grip, and it’s even designed with the same color as controllers from the early aughts.Thanks to its 4G RAM and 64G ROM, the console is designed to offer smoother, more seamless gaming compared to others on the market. It also offers wide compatibility, so you can expect it to work with most software, games, and apps.Play your favorite games from childhood in modern quality.The Super Console X King normally retails for $599, but you can score it on sale for only $328.99 for a limited time.Prices subject to change.


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