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TL;DR: Need more storage space for your files and photos? As of April 10, you can pick up a 500GB Ultra-Slim Portable External Hard Drive for only $32.99 instead of $39.99. That’s 17% in savings.If you want your files to be quickly accessible all the time, cloud storage may not be the way to go. As convenient as it is, all it takes is a bad WiFi signal to lose access to your files. Whether you’re hitting the road or just don’t want to depend on the internet for access to your stuff, a portable external hard drive may be a more consistent solution. This 500GB Ultra-Slim Portable External Hard Drive is a great option for just $32.99 (reg. $39). 

Keep your files close 

This portable external hard drive is about as simple to use as possible. Plug in a compatible USB 3.0 cable and transfer files. This compact file storage option works with Windows and Mac computers along with a variety of other devices. You may have to reformat it for older devices, but you can even use it as a storage option for modern gaming consoles. Expect up to ​​100mb/s read and write speed, and quiet operation the whole time. The manufacturers describe this external hard drive as having a 500GB capacity, but it may appear as 465GB on your computer because the way hard drive manufacturers measure capacity differs from how computers measure it. You’re still getting plenty of room to store videos, photos, and other important files. You could even turn your external hard drive into a portable entertainment library to take on trips. Long flights may be a little easier to deal with when you have your favorite movies in your pocket. Plus, this external hard drive has a sturdy all-aluminum enclosure, so it’s ready to move. 

A safe way to transfer and store your files 

Keep your most important files somewhere you can always get to them. For a limited time, get the 500GB Ultra-Slim Portable External Hard Drive on sale for $32.99 (reg. $39). Prices subject to change.images-1.fill_.size_256x192.v1681134044


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