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TL;DR: As of April 9, enjoy the best of both worlds with this cool turntable you can use with actual vinyl records, on sale for just $144.99  — that’s $15 off the regular price. Jamming to albums and pretending you’re a rockstar on stage can be a lot more exciting with a sweet stereo setup. This turntable plays records from your shelf and playlists from your phone. Listen to any tune through high-quality speakers that liven up your living space. The Gemini TT-900 stereo turntable is now just $144.99.

Spin and stream

Setup is fast and easy. Just mount the pickup arm to the turntable and connect cables to start listening. Grab 33, 45, and 78 RPM records from your shelf to play them through 50W speakers and an integrated amplifier. You might not have all of your favorite songs on vinyl, so you can also connect to any Bluetooth-compatible device to stream music.Adjust the volume and playback speed to completely customize your listening experience. You might play some soft music in the background for a dinner party or crank it wide open for a concert-like experience from home.A sleek black, minimalist design can nicely match any room. Customize your stereo setup by arranging the speakers and turntable in a way that matches your space’s aesthetic. 

Excellent sound quality

The Gemini TT-900 may be your first player or an upgrade from your existing one. This turntable features a full-sized platter that completely supports each vinyl disc. Some other players, like suitcase designs, have smaller platters that allow your vinyl to move around a little as it plays. This might result in lower-quality playback or even damage to your cherished albums.This sound system brings modernity to the nostalgia of spinning records. Enjoy high-quality sound from albums in your vinyl collection or songs from your playlists. Rock out to music from the Gemini TT-900 Stereo Belt Drive Bluetooth Turntable with Dual 50W Speakers for just $144.99.Prices subject to change.images-1.fill_.size_256x192.v1680814716


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