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TL;DR: Get a three-year Windscribe VPN subscription for just $69 (reg. $207), a two-year subscription for $59 (reg. $138), or a one-year subscription for $39 (reg. $69). That’s a savings of up to 66%.If you’ve ever seen an ad for something you were just looking at online, you might know what it feels like to think your online privacy is at risk. A virtual private network (VPN) can give you added security while using public WiFi or your own network. Windscribe VPN brings simplicity and affordability to securing your digital life. Get a one-year subscription for $39 (reg. $69), two years for $59 (reg. $138), or three years for $69 (reg. $207) through April 22.

Increased online privacy

Windscribe VPN helps protect your online privacy and blocks trackers on desktop or mobile devices. Create your account anonymously, since you don’t even have to share your email address. Use a user-friendly interface to quickly set up additional online protection. While you’re browsing on unsecured public WiFi, your privacy could be at risk from trackers. Your internet service provider, apps, and other services, like Facebook, could also be logging your data. Windscribe VPN provides an encrypted server and hides your real IP address from corporations, government agencies, and hackers.


When you’re working from a local coffee shop or traveling abroad, you might be wary of trusting public WiFi. Take advantage of Windscribe’s unlimited downloads and simultaneous connections. This means you could turn your computer into a secure WiFi router that your other devices can connect to so you can work, play, or browse with protection and powerful encryption. 

Unblock additional content

Connect to servers in over 100 locations to unblock entertainment, news sites, and other content only available in other areas. Spend more time with your favorite content without having to subscribe to additional services.Windscribe’s browser extension can also block annoying ads that follow you across the web. Enjoy your online presence with more security, new content, and fewer ads that may make you feel like you’re being watched.Subscribe to one year of Windscribe VPN Pro Plan for $39 (reg. $69), two years for $59 (reg. $138), or three years for $69 (reg. $207) through April 22 at 11:59 p.m. PT. Prices subject to change.


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