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12 gifts for people who need to organize their tech

Tech is everything and everywhere nowadays. The world online and the world offline have fully blended together, which means most folks have so much tech in their lives. Cords and screens, controllers and batteries, endless chargers, massive amounts of data, and hundreds of tabs open at once. With the holiday season coming up, it’s a great idea to gift loved ones the tools they need to organize their tech. If tech touches all parts of lives, then it’s important to keep our lives organized. Here are 12 gift ideas for the in-need-or-organization techie person in your life.

1. Air Tags

Apple Air Tags are literally made for organization and keep track of things. Starting at $29, you can gift a loved one the peace-of-mind of never losing an item. Air Tags basically let you ping a device or thing and see exactly where you left it. Mashable’s review of the Air Tag notes that they work extremely well, even if that can raise privacy concerns for some folks.

2. The non-Apple version of the Air Tag

Not everyone is an Apple person. For the Android or otherwise folks, you could gift them a Tile tracker or a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag.

3. Cord organizers

The modern techie dilemma: what to do with all those cords? If you have a million devices and gadgets, then you have something like two million cords lying around or hanging about the house. Cable straps from Amazon for $9.99 would be a fantastic stocking stuffer.

4. A travel accessory bag

When you’re on the go it’s hard to keep things in place. A travel pack for your tech-focused items makes all the difference. This $49.95 option from Incase has a pocket for your phone, straps to keep cords in place, and mesh pockets for headphones and other small items.

5. Subscription manager

The tech-focused person in your life might have so many subscriptions that they forget some even exist. A service like Rocket Money (up until very recently called Truebill) promises to find all your subscriptions and help cancel ones you no longer use. You could gift a premium membership with Rocket Money, which range from $3-12 per month.

6. Portable power block

Having a bunch of devices can be a burden. You’ve got to make sure they’re all charged and sometimes you just…forget. A charging brick might be the just the thing to gift to someone who loves tech. You can pick up this Anker portable charger for just $21.99.

7. Screen cleaning kit

Disorganized folks aren’t always the tidiest. Gift a screen-cleaning kit so the techie in your life keeps their devices less crusty. This $16.49 WHOOSH! brand kit comes with spray and microfiber cloth to keep things neat.

8. Laptop backpack

A laptop backpack is an absolute necessity. It keeps your computer, cords, and devices in order and ready to go. Mashable’s top pick was the Samsonite OpenRoad Laptop Business Backpack, which is on sale at Amazon for $149.95. But we also collected 13 of our favorite laptop backpacks at different price points and with different features.

9. A tech-focused desk

A good desk can help keep everything in order. Mashable named the Arozzi Arena ultrawide desk on sale for $299 our top gaming-style desk. We also picked some of our favorite standing desk options, too.

10. Cable management box

Nobody wants to see cables all over your house. A cable box, which hides cables and power strips, is a simple, but useful, gift. You can gift a wood-accented two-pack from Amazon for $24.79.

11. A storage subscription

Tech-focused folks need storage to organize all their stuff. Gift them a Dropbox subscription for $9.99 per month, which comes with two terabytes of storage.

12. A charging station

If someone struggles with organization, then a charging station is perfect for them. Not only does it keep all your important devices in a single place, it also…obviously…keeps them charged. Mashable named our Top 8 charging stations, including the $59.99 Satechi Dock5, which can charge up to five devices as well as wirelessly charge.


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